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Build and manage your charity's mobile app, and engage with supporters like never before.

Charity Kit - The Brave

From the people who create apps for...

  • American Red Cross
  • RNLI Lifeboats
  • Trocaire
  • Mind

Stop Spamming your Supporters

Stop casting wide nets and improve your donor experience by targeting specific supporters.

Have fine grain controls to target only the supporters you want.

Customise the content supporters receive thanks to each supporter having their own unique profile. Choose from a wide range of criteria such as location, age, whether they’ve donated before, took part in specific events, and more.


Create your most appealing appeals

Create beautiful and engaging mobile optimised stories with our powerful CMS.

Add text, videos, photos, maps, custom interactions and more to tell your charity's story in a whole new way.

Trociare story
Trociare store

Let supporters help immediately

Give immediate and tangible tasks for your supporters to carry out, directly within your appeal. Whether that’s making an instant donation, or sharing the story on social media, Charity Kit has you covered.

Push directly to supporters

Appear front and centre on your supporters phone with push. Using push notifications and our precise supporter targeting tools, you can push out events and appeals to the type of supporters you want to reach the most. You can even allow supporters to take action immediately from the notification.

Push notifications

Raising the fun in fundraising

Help your supporters raise more by giving them the tools to do so.

Fictional charity Buoy has complete control over the look and feel of their fundraising pages.


Your supporters can get an overview of all their fundraising activity, from the number of donations to how much they have left to go.


Let your supporters get competitive with their friends and family by seeing who can raise the most in a fundraiser.


The campaign takeover

Rather than having an individual app per campaign, have one app to channel all your marketing activity to.


Rewarding in more ways than "I Won!"

Make your campaigns more fun by setting supporters challenges.

Awards can be given for anything, from completing tasks, raising set amounts and more. Awards are a great way of building loyalty and making your supporters feel valued.


Make it your own, and then some

Charity Kit was designed from the start to be completely customisable, from the colours to the actual features themselves.

Charity Kit